ughhh back to uni tomorrow

I can’t tell you how much I am NOT looking forward to this I was really enjoying the summer

applepiewinchester asked: "joke: how do you make a guys brain resemble a pea? You paint it green and fill it with air untill it's the right size (i literally heard this in preschool and i havent moved on..)"

oh my god why am I laughing I can’t stop laughing

I had to publish this because I love it omg

gavnfree replied to your post: ummmmmm ok so I’ve finished season 2 o…

im in the middle of season 4 and lemme tell u it gets worse SO MANY QUESTIONS I STG

so I’ve heard.. IT’S VERY FRUSTRATING. I have to say I’m a little scared to continue but I need to catch up with this because I want to discuss things with my sisters who’ve already seen everything so far


#the most important scene in the entire movie

ummmmmm ok so I’ve finished season 2 of pretty little liars and like with season 1… WTF

this show raises so many more questions than it answers tbh



#I fuckin’ hate the future

okay so dean o’gorman is following chris lowell on instagram and literally those are two of my favourite people i need a moment

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